Listed property trust sector

New Zealand property is viewed as a lower-risk, lower-return market

Vital Healthcare Property Trust is one of nine listed property Trusts (LPT) that make up the New Zealand listed property sector.

The LPT sector is diversified across the traditional asset classes of office, retail and industrial. Vital remains the largest listed investor in medical and healthcare real estate infrastructure in New Zealand and Australia. By market capitalisation1 the New Zealand listed property sector is valued at around NZ$8.5 billion. On an Assets under Management (AuM)measure, the sector is around NZ$12.2 billion3 in size, split approximately as follows:


New Zealand listed property composition (by assets under management)


The New Zealand sector as a whole has relatively low gearing (circa 31%)4, modest development exposure and generally high quality assets.


Notes: 1. Market capitalisation is the number of units on issue x current unit price. 

          2. AuM is the total value of the investment properties based on the most recent valuations.

          3. & 4. Forsyth Barr - Real Estate Reflections – November 2016.

*Excluding aged care and retirement villages.

Source: IRESS